Signs of the Sewdiac Box 7 The Pincushion

July 1, 2018     Sewdiac, Sewing

Box 7 of the Sewdiac is here, meet ‘ The Pincushion’

Obviously there is a kit to make your very own pincushion. I honestly don’t think you can have enough pincushions can you? This starry night fabric panel I designed turned out so well and it is so easy to make.

It is also the perfect place to store these star headed pins. No these aren’t the best dressmaking pins ever, but they are really fun to use for craft projects or sewing with thicker fabrics.

This months pin badge s a stunner! She is also quite a big girl which I love, super juicy!


The card and sticker are as pretty as ever, Great for adding to your journal, writing notes to your sewing friends or as Birthday cards, as they are blank inside.

If you buy the whole box you will also get the little insert card that explains the sign which has a A5 mini print on the back. I have also added A5 prints to my Etsy shop too.

So, you can sign up to get the box over on Sew Crafty now.

A selection of the individual items will be available on my Etsy store two weeks after the boxes have shipped and previous boxes and products from the rest of the range are now available are over there too.

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