Sunday Chill Vol.8 Sketch Book Practice

August 19, 2018     Life

I’m back with another Sunday Chill. Lately I have been working on a project for my Sewdiac collection and the idea I have for it required me to do some illustrations of people. I wanted to get in some practice before I started working on the final pieces so I started one just for drawing people. 

I started by heading to Pinterest and searching through images for ideas of poses that looked interesting, I printed off my favourites and stuck them into my sketchbook. I use the Paperchase Kraft 3 pack of notebooks as they are my fave and easy to get a hold of. 

Then I used the images to practice poses and colour combinations, to draw hair and clothes that I thought I could use to inspire the pieces for my project. 

I really enjoy this way of working and it helped me to decide what I wanted my finished project to look and feel like. I am definitely going to keep working on my sketchbook practice even though I have compleated the project as I found it really fun to do. I haven’t had a proper sketchbook in rotation for a few years, preferring to sketch on loose paper pads but I am determined to keep this up. Sundays are the perfect time for a little sketching, but I am planning on using it whenever I travel as well, instead of relying on my phone for entertainment. 

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